In addition to free bouting and beginner courses, Saturday club training includes some group activities.

Speed, Agility, Fitness & Footwork

Session times: Saturdays, 12:15 - 2.15pm (exception of the weekends of major fencing events of other club activities)

Coach: Bill Ronald (foil and epee Olympian and London Olympic coach, ASC accredited in foil and epee.)

Designed to develop the speed, agility, fitness and footwork of fencers who are keen to improve these aspects of their game. The program does not deal with "technical" fencing matters, rather the fundamentals of change of direction, speed and power through ballistic, plyometric and other exercises. The content is suitable for epee, foil and sabre fencers.

The theme is the belief that hard work can be fun and there is a variety of work and games. You do not have to be an expert fencer for the program - just driven by your motivation to push yourself hard to be the best that YOU can be. It is physical!

All participants will be benchmarked in a variety of activities to allow them to evaluate their own progress through the season.

Enrolment is through the pre-purchase of a "term ticket" of 10 sessions for $105 arranged directly with the coach (no time limit to use the sessions) or a single session costs $15.