We have a large amount of equipment available for the use of members and visitors during club training.

This includes protective equipment (masks, white jackets, etc) as well as foils, epees, sabres, bodywires and lamé jackets.

Please be aware of the club's safety policy.

Key points are:

  • As a minimum, students must wear a mask and a glove during private lessons.
  • During group activities, where students are doing bladework drills against each other, a mask, glove, white jacket and underplastron must be worn.
  • For bouting (electric or nonelectric) all of the above items must be worn, in addition to either breeches or tracksuit pants.

Note that shorts are not acceptable for bouting.


Club equipment, including scoring equipment, is all stored in the club Armoury, which is accessible directly from the training hall.

Tools are also available for members who wish to do their own equipment repairs.