Every year, Sydney Uni Fencing Club has a Club Championships for each weapon. We also have an annual Handicap Foil competition, and we occasionally run Novice and other competitions.

Club Championships

The Club Championships are run as mixed (men and women) events. Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded. In addition, there are trophies for the Men's Club Champion and Women's Club Champion in each event. A full list of Club Champions is available.

Handicap Foil

The Handicap Foil event is a competition designed to put everyone on a level playing field, by giving points handicaps. So very new fencers might get a handicap of +3, meaning that they only need to score 2 points to win a 5-hit bout. At the other extreme, very good fencers may be on handicaps of -5, or even more.

Novice Competitions

We periodically run competitions for people who have just completed one of our Beginner courses.

Dates of upcoming competitions

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