Sydney University Fencing Club was founded in 1945, with about 25 people turning up for the inaugural meeting. It was probably the first University fencing club in Australia, being one year ahead of the Melbourne University club.

In the early days a variety of training venues were used, with greater or lesser success (e.g. outdoor training on a strip of lawn by the tennis courts was abandoned due to a run of bad weather). For many decades now, the Club has had The Arena (formerly the Women's Sports Centre) as its regular training venue.

Originally, the university had two separate sporting bodies - Sydney University Sports Union (SUSU) and Sydney University Women's Sports Association (SUWSA). The Fencing Club was the first club to contain both men and women. However, as it existed under the umbrellas of both bodies, it meant that for much of its history it was administratively two clubs - a Men's Club and a Women's Club - with two completely separate Executives. Nevertheless, it has always functioned as a single club. In 2003 the SUSU and SUWSA amalgamated, and shortly thereafter a new Fencing Club constitution was passed, formally creating a single club.

Sydney Uni Fencing Club has been a regular - and successful - participant in Intervarsity/Australian University Games, having been involved right from the beginning: a competition between Sydney Uni and Melbourne Uni in the late 1940s.